Graphic Design Success vs Failure

How to deal with clients who think they know the industry?
Graphic design is a hard industry to keep the client happy at all times.  You’ll have clients that want this and that, but when you run into that one client who thinks the graphic design that he/she is imagining is spectacular when in reality it is not.  


What do you say to this client?  Simply suggest you have all the experience with web design that what you’ll offer them will be the best option for their web traffic.  Explain to them that their imagination for this design has it’s flaws.  Point out those flaws without insulting this client.  Most clients will appreciate your feedback once they let you speak to them about your ideas for their new vision.  


What not to say to this client?  Do not tell them that their idea is stupid. Insulting a client will immediately throw a red flag for them.  Be as polite as you can be when dealing with clients.


How to come up with a strategic plan for your clients?
Setting up a plan for your clients is the key to success, when they see everything planned out they feel more comfortable knowing what is going to get completed.  Include all details from graphic design to the structure part of the website.  Give them what the function and main concept behind everything!  Do not give them a quick overview, they want details.

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